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Transitioning into advanced practice: Positive forces and obstacles experienced by advanced practice registered nurses Edit


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    Publisher: Clarion, Pa. : Clarion University of Pennsylvania ; Edinboro, Pa. : Edinboro University of Pennsylvania

    Publication Date: 2016

    Format: 1 online resource (60 pages).

    Description: With the increased need for providers within family practice, many registered nurses (RNs) are making the transition to advanced practice registered nurses (APRNs). The purpose of this study was to identify positive forces and obstacles experienced by current APRNs during their transition into practice. There is limited research available on this topic and some suggested a relatiionship between a departure from advanced practice and the obstacles encountered during transition. It is critical to address these positive forces and obstacles, as it may contribute to the already limited availability of primary care providers. In this non-experimental, cross-sectional study, positive forces and obstacles experienced by current APRNs during their transition into practice were investigated. The goal of this investigation was to rank identified positive forces and obstacles encountered during transition into advanced practice. This study was supported by previous research about the topic of transition, APRN practice, and obstacles experienced when transitioning from the role of RN to APRN. Benner's novice to expert theory provided the theoretical framework and foundation for this study. The findings revealed positive forces as more influential in the RN to APRN transition as opposed to obstacles encountered. Having a support system and getting hands-on experience were found to be the most important positive forces according to respondents. Lack of mentoring and personal sacrifices were rated as the top obstacles encountered.

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