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The Use of Technology as a Tool to Increase Sun Protective Behaviors of Parents for their Children Edit


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    Publisher: Edinboro, Pa. : Edinboro University of Pennsylvania ; Clarion, Pa. : Clarion University of Pennsylvania

    Publication Date: 2018

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    This analytic observational study was undertaken to determine if the use of technology, specifically a SPOT UV indicatorâ„¢ would have any effect or assist parents of children aged 5-7 years old to increase the sun protective behaviors for their children, including sunscreen application, seeking shade, sun avoidance, and wearing skin covering clothing. Recruitment of adults was made by public announcement through local online news resources, email notification of students at regional universities and staff at two local hospitals and the partnership with one Northwest Pennsylvania School District who agreed to publicize the voluntary opportunity for participation through their district resources. After obtaining informed consent from the adult, each adult completed a baseline sun habit survey and received a diary to document the sun protective behaviors of their child aged 5-7 over a four-day period. All adult participants received structured sun protective education defining sun protective behaviors and risks of skin cancer via a voice over power point presentation. Participants were divided into three groups based on the day they agreed to participate in the study. Group One received the sun habit survey, a sun exposure diary and sun protective education after the diary was complete and submitted. Group Two received the sun habit survey, a sun exposure diary and sun protective education at the time of enrollment. Group Three received the sun habit survey, a sun exposure diary, sun protective education at the time of enrollment and a packet of SPOT UV indicatorâ„¢ to be worn by the child participant each day during the study with instructions on how to use.Data was obtained from the sun habit survey and diary entries. Inclusion criteria involved one parent with a child aged 5-7 years old, resident of North Western Pennsylvania, willingness to provide a minimum SPF 30 sunscreen for self-use in the study and a commitment to keep a 4-day, daily entry self-reported diary of behaviors.Exclusion criteria included parent or family member being treated for skin cancer, non-English speaking, plans to be away from home during study timeframe and allergy to sunscreen.

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